Systemic Racism As A Racist

There is a fear here, but I don't think we understand it. It is an imbedded fear of others, and is specific to race, and we all are victims to it. Let us start with an analogy. People perceive pit bulls as a "scary" breed. But pit bulls are not even top 10 for most attacks, the ones we are exposed to on the news are typically abused or taught to fight, marginalized dare I say. But because of how we portray a certain breed (or race) repeatedly, we develop an implicit fear (unaware), not an explicit fear (with cognition). Which is part of where systemic racism comes in to play, we are unaware of it most of the time. The other contributor is more blatant; powerful individuals with antiquated belief systems protecting their own power. We have been taught throughout American history that non white skin is scary or "less than". So now it is like when a cat sees a cucumber, it jumps because a fear of one of it's main predators in the wild (a snake) is embedded in it's implicit memory, in its DNA in a sense. This came from its ancestors and felines living in the wild before domestication. Same as I am 100% for same sex marriage, but in all, brutal honesty, if I see two men kissing I still get an unwanted and uninvited "twinge" of awkwardness, because it conflicts with my implicit, subconscious, illogical understanding that a man and women kiss, instilled in me through TV, school, religion, history, etc. We are a racist society, it is written in our DNA, and this creates systemic barriers that many individuals in this country fail to acknowledge due to ignorance, naivety, or fear to challenge their belief systems because they are afraid to acknowledge they may be a part of the problem. We...are...racist. YOU are racist. We can't help that we are, but we can bring it to awareness and fight this false paradigm to change our future beliefs and destroy systemic racism, which is much more difficult to fight than the traditional racist acts we are all aware of.

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